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“Maternity and Beyond” Wardrobe Picks for 2021!

“Maternity and Beyond” Wardrobe Picks for 2021!

We all know dressing a growing baby bump can be challenging when pants just don’t fit or they become too tight around the waist that sitting down is unbearable! I found that wearing dresses during those last few months is the best and most comfortable option for me and I wanted to share some of my favorites with all of you. The summer heat here in Georgia calls for comfortable styles that can go from playground parties to date night dinners! 

LaRoque Romper! This Romper is not only adorable but has a wrap around tie waist that can accommodate multiple sizes of the bump. I have been wearing this one with a cardigan since January and now it still fits at 28 weeks. This is a beautiful floral print in soft blues and has an easy to tie bow on the front that tucks just above the belly hitting just the right spot.



This soft Floral Maxi Dress is from Mulberry and King Boutique. This one is light and breezy and has elastic at the waist. Easily one of my favorites because it’s a beautiful floral print and feminine.

The Yellow Watercolor Slip Dress is also from Mulberry and King. I recommend wearing a slip underneath this one and sizing up two sizes!


This is brand new one from a collaboration with Antonio Melani and BornonFifth. I knew these would be great for church this summer so I snagged a few in my normal size for after baby. 

 Livro Shirtdresses! I am head over heels for these! I purchased mine from Monkees in Mount Pleasant. They button down the front, are fully lined, and can be dressed up with a belt. I have a small obsession with these and haven’t decided which sleeveless prints I am doing for summer but those are on my list to purchase once I narrow it down.

Pajamas! Lake Pajamas are pretty much all I wear nowadays. I didn’t feel guilty splurging on these because I refuse to let the kids have nicer jammies than mommy. The maternity option gives me extra length and I added this matching robe knowing I would need it for my hospital stay. 

 Jcrew! I loved the floral print of this dress and how it can be used for nursing after the baby arrives! The button down front, tiny little tie at the neck, and tie at the waist added a few extra touches that make this mommy feel put together and covered up.

Crosby by Mollie Burch! I feel like I am off to a party in this fun and festive dress. This one buttons up the front at the top so it can easily be worn after the baby comes when I need to nurse on the go! I also bought it in pink because I really love the trim details and need all the extra feminine touches to make me feel like I am glowing versus looking like a hot air balloon. 

 Monkees in Mount Pleasant also carries Banjanan! This is quickly growing to be a favorite line of mine. I love the ruffle details on this one and the V neckline. I got this seashell dress for our beach trip because it’s very generous and covers everything up! 

This beautiful blue and white maxi dress is by Emily McCarthy and I purchased it from WillowPark Boutique here in Atl! I love this one and plan to wear all summer long! I can untie one of the straps to nurse the baby! Winner!

This is my Easter Sunday dress for 2021! I purchased this one from Buru and it should arrive any day now! The print, the sleeves, it buttons on the front, of course it’s my pick for Easter Sunday! 


A few other beach picks for this year that will also fit after the baby comes! This brand is misterzimi and I recommend sizing up 2 sizes in these. 


Another brand I am growing to love from Monkees of Mount Pleasant, Fanm Mon! The embroidery is really quite beautiful and stands out wherever you go! 



Other pieces I purchased and LOVE from Tulips In Little Rock, AR! 

Bought and Love from LaRoque:

I have three children that constantly like to pull on my dress or pull it up to pretend it’s a blanket. I have been wearing these under my dresses so the entire school, restaurant, store, etc. doesn’t see too much! 

 Shoes!!! Mixing a little new in with the old! These are my spring shoe purchases to go with all my pretty new dresses. I plan to wear flats as much as possible. 





I will share more transitional pieces for after the baby is born when I find them! I hope you all can find a few cute things here and remember to shop small! 

Boutiques Featured:

Monkees of Mount Pleasant

Willow Park Boutique

Mulberry and King

Tulips in Little Rock

Brands Featured: 

Crosby by Mollie Burch

Fanm Mon

Emily McCarthy






Antonio Melani x Born on Fifth 


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